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Booking Policy

Cancellation Policy, Terms & Conditions

The booking is non-transferable to another date or person.

On booking you will be charged 50% of total cost of accommodation, 50% remaining will be paid on arrival.

When booking the cardholder agrees that their credit or debit card also guarantees to pay for any additional costs incurred during their stay (ie minibar usage) or to pay for any damage or loss of hotel property and for contravening the No-Smoking policy of the hotel.

All upselling items are paid 100% in advance.

We only accept cash and the following cards:

Lost Keys/Late Arrivals/Unsociable Behaviour/Pets

Lost Keys

A charge of £50 will be deducted from the guarantee card provided by the guest if keys are lost or taken home and not returned. This covers the change of lock, key fob and engraving and cost of two keys.

Unsocialable Behaviour

The hotel reserves the right to not accept guests into the hotel that are deemed to be drunk and disorderly or under the influence of drugs and that may cause damage to the hotel property or disturb other guests enjoyment of the hotel. This means the booking will be cancelled and the first night's non-refundable deposit is lost and any balance payable chargeable in full if the remaining nights are not resold by the hotel.

Late Arrivals

Customers arriving later than the contracted times of reception (9pm) will be deemed a no-show. On some occasions it may be possible to arrive later than these times if it is deemed a reasonable delay and if the customer informs the hotel before reception closes (by 9pm) that they have been delayed and are still intending to arrive.

Please call 01273 680 332 before 9pm as soon as you know you are going to be late.

Pet Policy

Sea Spray accepts pets at an additional charge of £20 per night and in certain rooms of the hotel. Please phone the hotel directly to check these rooms are available for the dates of your booking. Due to noise caused to other guests in the past, we unfortunately do not permit dogs to be in the guest rooms unattended at any time. In addition, due to other people's allergies and Health & Safety reasons, we cannot permit dogs in the breakfast room (apart from Registered Guide Dogs).

Please call 01273 680 332 before 9pm to check we have suitable pet-friendly rooms available for your booking and that you agree to the terms and conditions above. Thank you.

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